Non Blooming Climbing Roses

by Geraldine
(Hales Corners, WI)

I have a very healthy climbing rose bush....(it looks better than my other ones). It will not produce any blooms.

This is its 2nd year.

Is it possible I've got a plant that will never bloom? Is there such a thing? If not, what can I do to get it to bloom like my other ones?

I'm ready to dig it out!

Thank you; Geraldine

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Hold on Geraldine,

Don't dig your rose up just yet. Climbing roses take longer to mature and begin blooming than rose bushes. It is perfectly normal for a Climber not to bloom until its 3rd year in the ground.

Some varieties can take 4 years to bloom.

Climbing Peace is 1 of this type. You will find instructions for coaxing flowers from these reluctant bloomers on that page.

Any rose can produce a blind shoot. This is a mature cane that fails to produce flowers. But, I've never heard of a rose that just does not bloom.

Roses are bred specifically for their breathtaking flowers. A non-blooming rose would not sell.

When a rose fails to bloom, there is a reason.

You did not give the name of your plant but Climbers fall into 2 groups. Those that bloom on new wood (this season's) and those that bloom on old wood (the previous growing season's).

How to Prune Climbing Roses That Bloom Once Each Spring will tell you how to handle roses that bloom on old wood.

Pruning Repeat Blooming Climbing Roses offers instruction on pruning Climbers that bloom on new wood.

If you treat a once bloomer like a repeat bloomer, it will never bloom no matter what else you do.

The other reason roses sometimes fail to flower is lack of fertility in the soil.

Top dress the plant's root zone with composted manure and put it on an accelerated feeding schedule to correct this and you should be able to kick start it into bloom.

Fertilizing Roses will tell you when and how much to feed a rose for optimal bloom.

I must say that I do not think you have a feeding problem because your rose looks healthy. Poor nutrition usually leads to poor health in roses.

I really suspect that your plant simply needs more time to mature or has been inappropriately pruned.

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Sep 24, 2011
Gratitude for advice
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your advice. You folks we're right! I waited and had beautiful yellow roses this year!

Keep up the good work!

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