Nun Orchid Will Not Bloom

by Cindy Clements
(West Blocton , AL)

Why won't the plant bloom? It has beautiful leaves. It is very green and tall but it just wont bloom.

Plant Guides Answer:

Cindy, I am having the same problem with several of my flowering plants this year. I'm blaming it on the tough winter we had.

Nun orchids normally flower in the spring so I don't know if anything you do will make them bloom this year.

Because you mentioned how tall they are and how green the leaves are, I am wondering if they are receiving too much nitrogen.

Try fertilizing them with a bloom boosting formula. This is a fertilizer with a high middle number. The middle number will be at least twice as high as the other 2 numbers on the package. 10-30-10 or something like that.

Also, sprinkle a little triple phosphate or super phosphate around the planting bed in late winter.

I've never seen super phosphate fail to induce bloom in a flowering plant.

I don't think it will cause a plant to bloom outside of its normal bloom season but there wouldn't be any harm in trying it now. If it works, you should see buds in 6 weeks.

See Nun Orchid Phaius tankervilliae for more information about growing nun orchids.

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