9 Fabulous Orange and Yellow Rose Bushes

Top performing orange and yellow rose bushes. The most beautiful yellow and orange blend roses you can grow. Striking yellow and orange rose topiary. Copper rose plants.

'Lady of Shalott' Rose icon

Copper Rose

'Graham Thomas' English Rose icon

Orange and yellow roses bring the sun into the garden. Yellow is the color of the noonday sun while orange represents the setting sun.

During daylight hours these hot-colored roses will sizzle. At dusk they will glow.

They contribute a joyous element to any planting.

The Copper rose brings the brightness of the metal it is named for into your garden beds. The golden yellow petals of its high-centered, full double blooms are burnished orange at the edges and slightly reflexed.

The dark green leaves are a perfect foil to the bright flower clusters.

'Lady of Shalott' is a disease resistant David Austin shrub rose.  The apricot blended with pink cupped blooms appear repeatedly throughout the warm months.  Their spicy scent will permeate any area in which they are planted.

This versatile beauty can also be trained up pillars. Suitable for USDA zones 5-10.

Hugely popular 'Graham Thomas' is arguable the best yellow rose available.  Clusters of cupped yellow blooms on a large shrub which can also be trained to climb.  The flowers of this English rose are fragrant and heat resistant in zones 5-9.

Rose, Helen Hayes

Rose - Judy Garland - Floribunda

Rose Collection, Twelve AARS

The 'Helen Hayes' rose bears moderately full double yellow flowers with reflexed outer petals. The blooms fade prettily to apricot with a pink blush as they age.

This Sub-zero Hybrid Tea rose will give you the perfect flower form you expect from a HT on a cold tolerant, disease resistant plant.

'Judy Garland' is an orange and yellow rose for zones 5-9.  The petals of the apple scented  blooms are gold at their bases changing to bright orange and red at their edges.  This striking Floribunda has star quality to spare!

Twelve AARS winning roses for one low price.  Includes:

  1. The famous 'Peace' rose, a yellow blend
  2. Deep red 'Mr. Lincoln'
  3. Orange 'Tropicana'
  4. The lavender Floribunda 'Angel Face'
  5. Pink-red 'Miss All American Beauty'
  6. 'Sutter's Gold'
  7. 'Mirandy'
  8. 'Crimson Glory', one of the best red roses of all time.
  9. 'Double Delight', red Hybrid Tea
  10. Shell pink 'Medallion' 
  11. Lavender 'Paradise'
  12. Orange flushed pink 'Mojave'

Rose - Gold Medal - Grandiflora

Rose - Easy Elegance Sweet Fragrance

Rose - Oso Easy Peachy Cream - Shrub

The intense yellow blooms of 'Gold Medal' are mixed with orange and red.  The flowers appear in small clusters atop long, upright stems which make it a great cutting rose.

'Sweet Fragrance' is a salmon-yellow blend whose color modifies throughout the life cycle of the bloom.  This carefree Easy Elegance rose was bred with winter hardiness in mind.  As for its scent, the name says it all.  Everblooming in zones 5-9.

Oso Easy 'Peacy Cream' is a Proven Winners shrub rose that produces peach blooms with lemony centers continuously until stopped by frost.  These cottage flowers are self-cleaning in zones 5-9.

Yellow and Orange Rose Topiary

Rose Tree, Rainbow SunblazeĀ®

This is what a Joseph's Coat rose might look like if it were available in tree form.  The flower buds on this 2' stunner start out yellow with a hint of red.  By the time the blossoms fully open, they will have turned a fiery orange red.

Care of Tree Roses provides winter care instructions for topiary roses.

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