Orchid Leaves Wilting

Lost two leaves on new plant. Remaining leaves are limp. Watering and fertilizing per instructions with plant.

Two other Phalaenopsis orchids are thriving in same location.

Two leaves turned yellow and limp, the remaining leaves are limp and not healthy in appearance. There is a long dry root coming from bottom of pot.

The plant has a dozen flowers on one stem.

Should I repot or increase fertilization?

Thanks for any help, I am new at this as you can surely tell from my questions.

Marcia Westfall

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Marcia, this sounds like a watering problem to me.

Plant leaves will wilt if the roots get too much or too little moisture.

Slip the plant carefully out of its pot and check the root ball. It should be evenly moist all the way through.

Push your index finger into the center.

If there are dry spots, immerse the root ball in a sink or pail of lukewarm water until the growing media absorbs the water evenly.

Conversely, if you are watering while parts of the root mass are still soggy, those areas can stay wet for too long and rot can set in.

If, upon examining the roots, you find rotten portions; prune these away using a sharp, sterile knife.

Then repot the orchid into fresh media.

I would suggest that you replace all the bark or moss the orchid is currently growing in if you find any rot.

Caring for Orchids

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