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The best organic rose spray to use when growing organic roses. How to implement an organic rose program. When to use organic rose care products and when not to. Which rose diseases and pests can be organically controlled.

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The most important part of an organic rose program is the planting of disease resistant roses. This is where half the battle is won.

But even disease resistant roses are not going to be disease free. Even the most disease resistant rose can fall victim to black spot or downy mildew when weather conditions favor these rose diseases and the spores are in the air.

What's an organic gardener to do?

It depends.

On the gardener and the rose.

Some roses can handle black spot on their own. They are vigorous enough to shake it off and keep right on blooming.

You can tell if your rose is tough enough by the number of leaves it looses to the disease. Black spot kills by defoliating the plant. A leafless rose can't eat. This is why we don't feed them when they are dormant.

This is also why rose growers dread and hate black spot.

Once you notice spotted leaves on your roses, watch them closely. If you are the nervous type, you can begin using an organic rose spray immediately. If your nerves will allow it, you can wait and only spray the roses if the disease begins to get out of hand.

There are some fantastic neem based sprays available. Neem oil is made from the seeds of the neem tree, a medicinal plant which grows in the tropics. It is effective against rust, black spot, mildew, and the various insect pests which often afflict rose bushes.

Pure Neem Oil for Foliar Plant Spray 8 fl oz: HY

Pure Neem Oil Foliar Plant Spray 8 fl oz: HY

Makes 12 gallons of foliar plant spray. PURE NEEM OIL. Spray on plants for insect control. Neem oil is pressed from the Neem tree seed. Used as a foliar spray. 8 fluid ounces.

Organic Rose Food
The best organic rose food for feeding roses. Coffee grounds, compost, systemic rose food granules, alfalfa based rose food. Organic rose fertilizer mixture. Slow release rose fertilizer.

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