Growing Organic Roses

Tips for growing and using organic roses. The best organic fertilizers for roses. The best organic pest control spray to use to control rose diseases and eliminate rose pests.

Informal Organic Garden Planted with Mixed Herbaceous Bulbs & Roses
Informal Organic Garden Planted with Mixed Herbaceous Bulbs & Roses

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Roses grown without the use of harmful chemicals are a delight to use in baking, personal care, and home remedies. Even if you are only using them as cut flowers, you might like to know that the fragrant blooms you are sticking your nose into have not been sprayed with anything toxic.

Mango Mousse with Chopped Pistachios & Rose Petals
Mango Mousse with Chopped Pistachios & Rose Petals

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Fresh rose petals can be used as a garnish on desert plates, candied and used to decorated cakes, or sprinkled into summer salads.

This is sure to impress your garden party guests.

Another thing you can do with unsprayed rose petals is make organic rose water to use for its health benefits or in natural skin care.

Organic Rose Hip Tea

Ramanus Rose Hips are a Source of Vitamin C
Ramanus Rose Hips are a Source of Vitamin C

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The organic rose hips which form on your unsprayed rose bushes can be safely used to brew rose hip tea. Allow the hips to begin to shrivel on the plant before harvesting. This should be done in the winter, after the first frost.

Rinse the hips in clean water. Halve them and scoop out the seeds and fibers. Use the clean hips fresh or dry them for later use.

Steep a heaping teaspoon of hips in a cup of very hot water for 5 minutes. Sweeten with whatever you prefer and drink.

Rose hip tea is full of vitamin C.

Rose petals and cucumber peels make a tasty tea which is said to clear uterine congestion.

Natural Rose Care

Pure Neem Oil for Foliar Plant Spray 8 fl oz: HY

Pure Neem Oil Foliar Plant Spray 8 fl oz

Rose Organic Gardening will explain the basics of caring for roses organically. Natural rose care is the same as the conventional care of roses except where feeding the plants and controlling rose pests and diseases are concerned.

You will find Organic Fertilizers for Roses here and advice on Organic Pest Control for Roses here.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables
One of the benefits of growing organic fruits and vegetables is that it can instill a passion for organic gardening in a child. A kid who grows up eating fruits and vegetables in season will always love home grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Rose Color Meaning
Rose color meaning. Guide to rose colors and meanings. Learn the meaning of different color roses. How rose colour meanings vary with the shade. Use the meaning of rose colors to send the right rose.

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