Pear Tomatoes

Red and Yellow Pear tomatoes. Planting heirloom or heritage tomato plants with pear shape fruit. Pear tomato seed.

Tomato, Pear Red

Cheapest Red Pear Seeds

Heirloom pear shape tomatoes add variety and novelty to summer salads. They are mild, low acid tomatoes that won't compete with salad dressing flavors. Their unique shape and small size is sure to please any children at your table.

There are 2 kinds of pear shape tomatoes:

Yellow Pear Tomato

Tomato, Pear Yellow

Cheapest Yellow Pear Seeds

Produces little yellow pear shape tomatoes on indeterminate vines up to 6 feet tall. It is one of the best tasting yellow cherry, heirloom tomato varieties.

Red Pear Tomato

This indeterminate tomato differs from its yellow cousin in a couple of ways:

  • Red Pear has more of a traditional tomato taste.

  • It ripens later. 80 days from setting out.
  • Tomato Red Pear is a productive, vigorous heirloom cherry tomato plant. Water it evenly to prevent the tasty fruit from cracking.

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