Perfume Delight Rose
Rosa Perfume Delight

The 5 inch double blooms of the Perfume Delight rose are intensely fragrant. The deep pink flowers, which this Hybrid Tea rose bush produces in great abundance, are long-lasting cut flowers.

Perfume Delight rose.

The plant that produces and supports these magnificent blooms grows vigorously to 3 or 4 feet tall. Its sturdy stems are lined with leathery, disease-resistant olive green leaves.

This long-stemmed rose blooms in repeated flushes throughout the growing season and will provide you with rose bouquets whose spicy scent will perfume any room in which they are displayed.

It is hardy in USDA zones 6a-10a. Space plants 3-4 feet apart in full-part sun.

Rose Perfume Delight was introduced in 1973. Hybridized by Swim & Weeks. All-America Rose Selection 1974.

Dozen Rose Enchantment

Dozen Rose Enchantment

The pink, yellow, and peach blooms in this lovely bouquet are not only beautiful, they also express the meaning behind each rose color: gratitude, friendship, and affection. One dozen 40 cm roses are chosen for their color and size, and creatively arranged in a classic glass bubble bowl. Their sweet fragrance and uplifting colors always send a smile.

Planting Roses in Your Garden
Planting roses in your garden is a planting guide for roses of all types. Easy tips for planting rose bushes, planting climbing roses, planting hybrid tea roses and planting miniature roses.

Peace Rose Bushes
The most popular Peace rose bushes. The original rose bush called Peace, Pink Peace, Chicago Peace, Prairie Peace, Love and Peace and Desert Peace Hybrid Tea roses. Also, climbing Peace.

Don Juan Rose
The deep red, double-cupped blooms of the Don Juan rose have made it popular with rose gardeners across the U.S. The flowers on this 10 foot climbing rose occur singly or in small clusters (usually of 3).

Honey Perfume Rose
The apricot-yellow rose flowers of the Honey Perfume rose bush are spicily fragrant. Floribunda rose Honey Perfume is an AARS winner so you know it will perform well in your garden.

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Sunny Knockout Rose Tree
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