Pine Christmas Trees

Characteristics of different types of pine Christmas trees. Live and artificial Christmas pine trees. Living or fresh cut Christmas trees. White, Japanese Black, Scotch, and Austrian pine trees.

Rows of Pine Trees Await Christmas Buyers
Rows of Pine Trees Await Christmas Buyers
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There are several pine tree varieties that are used as Christmas trees. The Olympia, Breman, Notch and Durango pines to name a few. Of all the various Christmas pines, the White pine is the most popular.

The White pine Christmas tree has 6 inch long needles that are soft to the touch. Many people prefer this type of live Christmas tree because it does not need to be watered as much as some of the other kinds.

A hedge of white pine.

White Pine Hedge

The White pine, Pinus strobus has almost no fragrance and is the best choice for people with pine allergies who still want a fresh Christmas tree.

If you are thinking of planting an Eastern White Pine in your landscape, you might like to know that this species is the most shade tolerant of all the pines. This means that you can site it in part sun. No pine tree will thrive in full shade.

A stand of Scotch pines.

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Scotch pine Christmas trees are also very popular. The dark green needles of the Scotch pine are about an inch long. They will remain in place for a month even if you forget to water the tree.

This tree has the Christmas pine fragrance which makes your house smell of holiday cheer.

The branches are spaced well apart giving this tree an open appearance. This makes it a good choice for a rustic setting where large, vintage or homemade Christmas tree ornaments will be used.

Japanese Black Pine Trees are fast growing, adaptable pines that will tolerate a wide variety of soils and growing conditions. With good care, Pinus thunbergiana can reach a height of 80 feet.

The Japanese Black pine's salt tolerance makes it a suitable conifer for coastal areas from zones 5-10.

The Austrian Pine is polution tolerant and is the in-ground Christmas conifer of choice for urban gardeners. Pinus nigra is also quite cold tolerant and grows best in zones 3-8.

The Mugho or Mountain Pine is a deer resistant dwarf which will only reach 3 feet in height at maturity with a spread twice this wide. In the mountains of Europe from which it originates, this important speices uses its spreading branches to hold back the drifting snow, preventing avalanches.

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Mugho Pine

Eastern White Pine

Scotch Pine

Austrian Pine

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