Pink Meidiland Rose
Rosa 'Meipoque'

The single rose flowers of the Pink Meidiland rose bush are contrasted against it glossy, bright green leaves. Meidiland roses are easy-to-grow, own-root French Shrub roses. Buy a Meidiland landscape rose here.

Pink Meidiland rose flowers.

The rose to orchid pink slightly cupped blooms feature white eyes and carry 5 ruffled petals. They appear repeatedly from spring to fall on disease resistant (mildew and rust) shrubs which grow 3-4 feet tall.

Hardy in zones 5a-9b.

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Scarlet Meidiland Rose

Scarlet Meidiland roses with miscanthus, butterfly bush and Iceberg Roses.

Scarlet Meidiland roses with geraniums and ornamental grasses.

A purple Butterfly bush, tall sunflowers and white Iceberg roses bring up the rear.

Scarlet Meillandecor was hybridized by Meilland and introduced in 1987. It is a cold hardy Shrub rose which blooms in clusters throughout the growing season.

This Meidiland rose blooms profusely but as pretty as the double, cupped red flowers are, they lack fragrance.

The 3-4 foot canes are lax which allows the bush to be used as a ground cover rose.

The dark green leaves are nearly immune to diseases and the typical rose pests. If you want a rose that will not need spraying, this is the Meidiland landscape rose to choose.

Performs beautifully in full sun to part shade in zones 4a-9b.

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Rose Bouquet -

Rose Bouquet -

This medley of fragrant roses is the perfect fusion of luxury and style.

Henry Kelsey Rose
The Henry Kelsey rose is a cold hardy climbing rose bearing slightly fragrant, semi double red flowers in recurring flushes from spring to frost. Henry Kelsey CL rose bush is hardy into zone 2.

William Baffin Rose Bush
William Baffin rose bush. Climbing roses William Baffin. This heavy blooming, pink-flowered Canadian Explorer rose will grace gardens as far north as zone 3 with color from mid summer to frost.

Old Blush Rose Growing Old Blush rose and Morden Blush rose bushes. The rose variety Old Blush is an antique China rose. Morden blush roses are Shrub roses. Both remontant plants bear double pink flowers.

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