Pink Mr. Lincoln Rose?

When I first purchased Mr. Lincoln he was deep red (spring). Now, he is fuchsia pink? (ending Summer) What can I do to return him to his historical value?

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Roses, like people, are living creations that change in response to changes in the world around them.

Just as human skin darkens when exposed to the rays of the summer sun and lightens when covered during the cold winter months, rose flowers change in response to heat and intense light.

Their color tends to fade in high heat and intensify in cool weather.

This is more noticeable in some varieties than it is in others.

What can you do about it?

Unless you have 1 of those HAARP instruments that the conspiracy theorists claim governments are using to control the weather, you will just have to wait for fall to arrive.

Your Mr. Lincoln rose will then produce its characteristic dark red roses again.

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Sep 11, 2011
Morning Glories Not Blooming
by: Anonymous

Now I have the same problem with my morning glories! I have very healthy looking vines but few flowers. Should I buy more expensive seeds next year? I do fertilize and water when needed. They are supposed to be the blue ones.

Thanks for your help

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The morning glories are probably getting too much nitrogen or too little sun.

Try sprinkling a little bit of super phosphate around the plants. Water it in and you should get a nice flush of bloom in 3-4 weeks.

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