Planting Climbing Roses

Tips for planting climbing roses under trees. How to plant climbing roses on walls. Planting instructions for bare root climbers and potted rambling roses.

Climbing roses planted on a wall at Highclere Castle.

How to Plant Climbing Roses

If your ramblers or scramblers are bare root, plant your roses using the instructions in Planting Bare Root Roses.

If the climber is potted, use the instructions given for Planting Potted Roses.

Beyond these rose planting tips, there are a few things you need to know about the planting of roses that climb.

Climbing Rose Planting Tips

Rose, Climbing Viking Queen

Rose, Climbing Viking Queen.
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  • Prepare the rose support first. It will be much easier to install the rose trellis before you plant the rose.

    If you are planting your roses against a wall, install the eyes or wires you plan to tie the canes to first. Have the jute or tape you plan to use to tie the canes to the support handy at planting time.

  • When planting a climber on a wall, dig the hole at least a foot and a half from the wall in order to place the roots out from under the eaves of the building where they will receive some natural rainfall.

    The bottom of the planting hole should be slanted away from the wall. Lay the roots into the hole so that they are all also sloping away from the building. This will encourage them to grow away from the wall.

  • Tie the stems to the rose support right after you plant the rose.

  • If you plant other flowers around the rose, keep them at least 2 feet away from its base.

  • Planting Ramblers Under Trees

    Lady Banks Lutea rose climbing a tall tree.

    Lady Banks Lutea drapes gracefully from a very tall tree.

    Choose a tap-rooted tree rather than one with shallow, spreading roots as the rambling rose will have an easier time competing with such a tree for water and nutrients.

    Dig the planting hole at least a foot from the tree's trunk and try not to disturb too many of the tree's roots.

    If the tree has a sunny and shady side, plant the rose on the shady side as it will grow toward the sun.

    Deciduous trees are better for planting climbing roses than evergreens.

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