Poblano Peppers

Capsicum annuum

Poblano peppers (commonly misspelled pablano). Planting ancho poblano chile pepper plants. Preserving and storing poblano chile or chili peppers.

"Pepper, Hot Ancho (Poblano) 3 Plants"

"Pepper, Hot Ancho (Poblano) 1 Pkt. (100 seeds)"

Poblanos are what the citizens of Puebla, Mexico (where poblano chile peppers originated) are called.

The fruit of these Mexican peppers is remarkably variable both in size and taste. Mature pods from the same plant can measure from 3 to 6 inches in length. They are generally mild (about 1,000-1,500 SHUs) but occasionally a much hotter fruit will be produced.

Immature fruit will be a purplish green. When ripe, it will be nearly black. They are wide at the top and taper to a point at the blossom end.

The skin of these peppers is waxy. They are more tender when roasted and peeled.

Ancho Poblano Chile Pepper

Ancho peppers are simply dehydrated poblano peppers. They are black and shriveled in appearance.

Anchos are often ground into a flavorful chile powder.

How to Dry Poblano Peppers

This is probably the most common method of preserving poblano ancho peppers.

Wash the whole peppers and prick them with a fork so moisture can escape. Then spread them out on cookie sheets and pop them into a very slow oven (100-120 degrees). Leave the oven door ajar.

An electric dehydrator would work even better, if you have one.

Poblano Chili Pepper Storage

Place the fresh peppers into a brown paper bag. The bagged peppers will keep in the fridge for a week.

Planting Poblano Chili Peppers

Poblano pepper plants are well-branched and grow to a height of approximately 2 feet. Like other types of hot peppers, they need several hours of sun per day.

Plant them in well draining soil in full sun. If you are planting more than one, space them about a foot apart. Keep the soil moist and feed the plants regularly.

If you start your poblano plants from seeds, give them bottom heat and be prepared to wait. They can take nearly a month to germinate.

You might want to set tomato cages over the plants when you first set them out. The cages will keep the plants from toppling under the weight of the crop as it ripens.

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