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Poinsettia Wreaths, Garlands & Tree Skirts

A poinsettia Christmas tree is a beautiful and meaningful holiday decoration. If you like decorating with poinsettia flowers, you'll love the artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands on sale here.

Lighted poinsettia topiary trees.

Order a Lighted Collapsible Poinsettia Christmas Tree

You'll find trees made with red and white poinsettias. Or maybe a gold or silver Christmas tree tickles your fancy. Whether you are in the market for a small or large tree, you'll find all kinds of unique Christmas trees in the Poinsettia Christmas tree store below.

The store also features every type of poinsettia Christmas decoration you might like to buy. From a beautiful poinsettia Christmas wreath to poinsettia Christmas lights.

You'll also find a variety of poinsettia Christmas ornaments and Christmas tree skirts throughout the store.

The Thomas Kinkade Pop-Up 6 Foot Christmas Tree.

The Thomas Kinkade Pop-Up 6 Foot Poinsettia Christmas Tree

This 30 inch wide by 76 inch tall Christmas tree comes to you decorated with 15 velvety poinsettias, 200 clear lights, 46 painted globe ornaments and ribbons depicting winter holiday scenes. The tree hangs on a stand which is included.

It sets up almost instantly and collapses into a 5 inch high circle for convenient storage.

The 6 Foot Instant Pop Up Lighted Poinsettia Tree.

The 6 Foot Instant Pop Up Lighted Poinsettia Tree

This pop up Christmas tree is 32 inches wide and 72 inches tall. It showcases 70 red poinsettias, holly leaves and 200 clear mini lights.

Like the Kinkade tree, it hangs on an included stand and collapses for easy storage.

Poinsettia Wreaths

The Cordless Prelit Poinsettia Wreath.

The Cordless Prelit Poinsettia Wreath

This 24 inch wide poinsettia Christmas wreath is weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use. It features 30 frosted white lights which run off 2 D batteries. You can set it to shine continuously or to cycle on for 6 hours and off for 18 to extend the life of the batteries.

The lights can also be set to twinkle.

Holiday decorating just does not get any simpler than this.

Poinsettia Garlands

The battery-powered hanging poinsettia basket is deeply discounted while supplies last.  It can be displayed indoors or outdoors.  A timer turns the lights on and off to preserve battery life. The weather-resistant chain makes it durable.

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