Pomagranate Bush or Tree

by ms. r

Should I leave the pomegranate as a bush or prune it into a tree shape? I really want it for the fruit. So which will give me more fruit?

Also, should i remove the suckers. Not that I've seen any, but I've read that it will produce many suckers and i should remove them. if I left them, won't I get more fruit?

This pomegranate was grown from seed about a year ago. It's now about knee high from the ground and it has five branches all growing from the main branch. It's still bush shape. I've pinched off the top to promote branching. It's in a large pot, so that I don't have to pot up.

As I said, there are no suckers yet or are those extra branches the suckers? I thought suckers had to be below ground like a cycad's.

Thank you so much.

Plant Guide:

It's nice to hear from you again Ms. R,

Your pomegranate will sucker from the base. Suckers arise from below the soil level just as you thought. There is no real need to remove them unless you choose to grow the plant as a tree with a single trunk.

Because of the plant's tendency to sucker, maintaining the tree form will take constant vigilance on your part. If you allow it to grow into a bush, which is its natural habit of growth, the plant will be much easier to care for and will probably bear a little more fruit.

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Nov 05, 2010
by: Ms. R

Thank you very much. You are a great help.

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