Ponytail Palm Houseplant

by KS
(St. Louis, MO USA)

I just purchased a Ponytail Palm which was indoors. Since it is a tropical plant, can I take it outdoors? I have it inside presently, however, I think it would be happier outside.

Please advise.

I have seen both on your site; outdoors and indoors.

Thank you.

Botanical Journeys Plant Guides

I'm sure your ponytail palm houseplant would enjoy a summer vacation outdoors in a shady spot. You will need to take a few precautions to help the plant make the transition into the great outdoors:

  • Do not put the plant outside too early in the growing season. Wait until night temperatures are in the 50s F.

    Tropical plants will not survive frost. And temperatures in the 40s can damage their leaves.

  • Do not move the plant into too much sun at first. The sunniest spot inside your house is not nearly as bright as a full sun location in your yard. If you move your Beaucarnea recurvata into too bright a location too quickly, its beautiful head of foliage may scorch or bleach out.

    It could end up looking like a woman who bleached her hair 1 time too many.

    Give it protection from the afternoon sun which is much stronger than the morning rays.

  • If you live where summers are rainy, keep the tree in a spot where it will not become waterlogged. If an Elephant's Foot palm gets too wet, it's a goner. A covered porch or patio would be ideal.

  • Be sure to remember to bring your ponytail plant back inside when night temperatures begin to descend into the low 50s in the fall.

  • Growing A Ponytail Palm Tree Indoors

    Outdoor Ponytail Palm Care

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