Preserving Tomatoes
Storing Tomatoes

The best ways of preserving tomatoes. Storing tomatoes by drying, freezing or canning them. How to preserve cherry tomatoes.

Fresh Tomato in an Opened Tin
Fresh Tomato in an Opened Tin

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Preserve Tomatoes
How to Store Green Tomatoes

Canning green tomatoes is a great way to preserve them. Green tomatoes are more acidic than ripe tomatoes and therefore more suitable for tomato canning.

Preserving Cherry Tomatoes

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Cherry tomatoes are easy to store by either drying or canning. Don't bother trying to peel them. Just wash them, remove the stems and cut them in half.

Use them in tomato preserves or jam or make tomato juice if you have loads of them at the end of the tomato growing season.

How to Store Tomatoes
Storing Fresh Picked Tomatoes

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Of course, the best thing to do is to harvest home grown tomatoes when they are vine ripe and cook or eat them raw that day. But this is not always possible.

Ripe tomatoes hold their flavor best at room temperature. But they keep longer if refrigerated.

If you cannot use or preserve them quickly, store them on a low shelf in your fridge. Don't wrap them or put them in the crisper--it's too moist in there.

If you need to pick underripe (full sized but not fully colored) tomatoes at the end of the growing season, store them unwrapped at room temp.

Storing Tomato Sauce

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Caning Tomato Sauce

Canning tomato sauce. Fresh tomato sauce canning instructions. Home canning tomatoes. How to can tomato sauce. Basic tomato sauce recipe.

Freezing Tomatoes

Freezing tomatoes the easy way. How to freeze tomatoes. What to do with frozen tomatoes.

Drying Tomatoes

Drying tomatoes. How to dry tomatoes safely. Instructions for making sun and oven dried tomatoes. Best tomato varieties for home drying.

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This unique kitchen tool is perfect for preparing firm tomatoes for salads, hamburger toppings or appetizers. The slicer will cut the tomato into 10 quarter inch slices.

San Marzano Tomato
San Marzano tomato seeds and plants. How to grow and use San Marzano plum tomatoes. Italian heirloom tomato.

Yellow Pear Tomato
The Yellow Pear tomato plant produces little yellow pear shape tomatoes on indeterminate vines up to 6 feet tall. It is one of the best tasting yellow cherry, heirloom tomato varieties.

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