Problems with Ylang ylang plant

by elmQ
(Chicago, IL)


I recently received Ylang Ylang tree.

Unfortunately, it's not doing well; branches started to turn dark brown-black. And it seems it's rapidly spreading to the stem.

Plant is still alive, has thick, strong, green stem, about 10 inches tall. Roots are strong and white.

When plant arrived about week ago, all leaves were dried out and wilted and fell off at slightest touch.

I planted it into medium size planter, and covered with plastic transparent bag with holes to maintain humidity (as per advice of the seller).

Darkening started before I planted it into bigger planter from the one it came in (day or two after it arrived).

Plant is kept indoors. Humidity in the room is 70%, and temperature is 70 degrees. I have another, smaller Ylang Ylang that's doing great in same conditions.

I googled for answers without any success.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I really don't want to lose my plant.

Thank you,

Botanical Journeys Plant Guides:

When something like this happens, it indicates that there was something amiss with this plant before it was shipped to you.

The tree may not have been showing any symptoms prior to packing and the seller may honestly have believed that they were sending you a healthy plant.

Still, from what you've described, I think there was something wrong with this plant when you received it.

I would advise you to contact the seller immediately and relay the information in your question to me to them.

The fact that you have another healthy Ylang Ylang tree growing in the same room demonstrates that you know how to successfully cultivate this plant.

If you contact the seller within their warranty period, they should replace the tree or refund you the purchase price.

Regarding your poor sick little tree:

Continue to care for it as you do your healthy Ylang Ylang tree. This will give it the best chance of recovery.

Meanwhile, do not wait to see if the tree recovers before contacting the seller.

It can take plants a very long time to recover from diseases and sometimes, like people; they will seem to rally only to relapse later.

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May 23, 2015
Transplant Ylang-Ylang tree
by: Rick

Has anyone had any experience with transplanting the Ylang Ylang tree? I am in the process of transplanting a 25 foot tree, it has shed about 75% of its leaves but has not shown any activity since. I keep the roots as wet as possible. It has been approximately 18 days now. I am still hopeful that it is just in shock but would like to know if any of you know of its prognosis or how it normally takes to a transplant. Thanks. --- Rick

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