Rambling Red Rose Bush

Rambling Red rose bush for sale. Best rambling rose to grow in cold zones. Rare cold hardy climbing roses. Rambling Red is a repeat blooming, slightly fragrant Rambler to 10 feet.

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Rambling Red is a seedling of Radler's Henry Kelsey rose. (Radler is best know as the hybridizer of the wildly popular Knock Out rose.) It's year of introduction was 2001.

The flowers, which appear in repeated flushes throughout the growing season, are bright red and carry 20-25 petals each. The 3.5 inch double blooms occur in clusters and are mildly fragrant.

The strong, thorny canes of Rambling Red roses can reach 10 feet in time. The foliage clothing these stems is usually healthy. New leaves emerge burgundy.

This rambling rose is prized for its cold tolerance.

Rambling roses.

It is difficult to find cold hardy climbing roses. Most of the cold hardy climbers are once blooming species roses. Rambling Red is recommended for zones 4a-8b without winter protection. Some gardeners have had success with it in USDA zone 3b.

It will experience some die back over the winter in the coldest end of its range. Frost is most damaging to this rose in its youth. It becomes more cold tolerant and will suffer less winter die back as it ages.

Even if it dies to the ground, it can shoot from the roots and bloom the following summer as it flowers on new wood.

Prune it in the spring. ARS rated 7.7

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