Reblooming a Nun Orchid

by Marlene
(Brentwood, NY UsA)

Will nun orchids produce new flower buds at room temperature or do they need a cool period?

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Nun orchids (Phaius tankervilliae or grandifolius) bloom in response to the shorter day length during late winter.

Remember, these are tropical plants. Anything below 75 degrees F. is cool to them. They perform best if kept between 65 and 75 degrees F. during the day and 55-60 degrees F. at night during the winter.

But it won't be cool winter temps which induce the plants to set flower buds.

The trick is to only allow them to receive light during daylight hours.

If the orchid lives in a room of your home that is normally illuminated for several hours each evening, it may not bloom the following spring.

Move the plant to a room you do not use at night. Once flowering begins, you can move it to any location you like. It won't matter if it receives light at night then.

Nun Orchid Care

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