Red and Yellow Rose Bushes

Buy red and yellow rose plants here. Disease resistant yellow roses with red tips. The best yellow and red blend roses to grow in your garden. Yellow and red tree roses.

Rose Tree, Rainbow Sunblaze®

Buy a Rainbow Sunblaze® Rose Tree

The hotly colored gold blooms of Rainbow Sunblaze, edged in carmine and blushed with a hint of hot pink, are typical of the coloration of red and yellow roses.

This is not a color blend for timid gardeners.

Yellow and red roses add dramatic flair to otherwise unexceptional plantings. Plant them in odd numbered multiples to make a bold statement in the garden or surround them with other jewel-toned flowers like Agapanthus, lavender, or scarlet sage.

The Best Yellow and Red Roses

Rose, Pompeii

Buy Rose, Pompeii

The interesting thing about the bicolored Pompeii is that its petals are yellow on 1 side with a blood red reverse.

Great cutting flowers on a plant that is nearly always in bloom.

Desert Peace

Desert Peace is an upright, thorny shrub producing 4-5 foot stems lined with dark green, leathery leaves. The Hybrid Tea flowers carry up to 25 yellow petals edged in red and are mildly fragrant. Deadheading will increase the number of flowers this rose produces.

The Desert Peace rose is hardy in USDA zones 5-9.

Rose, Sutter's Gold

Buy Rose, Sutter's Gold

This Hybrid Tea rose features high-centered gold flowers overlaid with red. The 4-5 inch blooms emit a strong fruity perfume.

These striking flowers appear on a nearly thornless bush which will reach 3-4 feet in height.

This 1950 All-America Rose Selection performs best in cool summer climates.

Love and Peace Rose

Love and Peace was hybridized by Jerry Twomey and Ping Lim and introduced by Bailey Nurseries in 2001. It is a cross between Peace and an unknown seedling.

The 5 foot shrub is resistant to both black spot and mildew.

Rose Tree,  Patio

Buy a Patio Rose Tree

Can't decide between red and yellow roses? This Patio rose tree is the perfect answer. It consists of Peace and Chrysler Imperial roses grafted onto a thick 20 inch "trunk".

Two All-America Rose Selections on 1 tree.

Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose

Joseph's Coat rose is a Modern Cluster Flowered Climber bearing huge trusses of red and yellow roses with flashes of pink and orange.

Joseph's Coat climbing rose is heat tolerant and disease resistant. Rosa Joseph's Coat can also be trained as a free-standing shrub rose.

Rose, Caribia

Buy Rose, Caribia

Red and pink stripes on a gold rose with reflexed petals and leathery, textured foliage. The 5 inch flowers are stunning in the vase.

Plant Caribia in zones 6-10.

Artist Dozen Roses

Artist Dozen Roses

This artistic bouquet is at once stunning, elegant, and extraordinary, perhaps very much like that special someone you know. Twelve foliage-free, 50 cm roses are arranged inside of a clear glass vase that is filled with river rocks and water. The unique design and beauty of the arrangement will easily make this the most memorable dozen roses the recipient has ever received.

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