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Roma tomato growing tips. Harvest tomato bush Italian Roma. Freezing Roma Tomatoes. The best Roma tomato strains for the home garden.

Roma tomato growing tips. This Roma must have told a lie, its nose is growing!

This tomato variety is not quite old enough to be a true heirloom but it is an old, open pollinated tomato which was developed for the sauce pot.

Like all open pollinated tomato varieties, different strains have developed down through the years. The best Roma tomatoes are as follows:

  • Old Brooks was developed with flavor in mind.

  • Martino's Roma, the oldest strain, is more productive than Old Brooks.

  • The Italian Borgo Cellano is the most flavorful.

  • All of the aforementioned strains make good Roma tomato sauce.

  • Harvest Roma Tomato

    Tomato, Roma

    Cheapest Roma Tomato Seeds

    Roma tomato plants produce meaty paste tomatoes which ripen, all at once, about 72 days after the plants are set out into the garden.

    The flesh of tomato Roma is very firm so you may not be able to tell by feeling them when they are ripe. Color is a better indicator.

    Pick the fruit once it has turned completely red.

    How to Store Tomatoes
    Freezing Roma Tomatoes

    This is the quickest way to preserve your harvest.

    Frozen tomatoes turn watery and mushy when thawed. Heirloom Roma tomatoes will be less watery as paste tomatoes contain less juice than other types but they will still be mushy.

    For this reason, they should not be used fresh. Roma VF tomatoes are not the best fresh eating tomatoes anyway. The frozen Romas will be fine for cooking.

    How to Freeze Tomatoes

    "Tomato, Roma Organic 1 Pkt. (30 seeds)"

    Wash the fresh fruit before processing it.

    You can peel it before freezing but you don't have to. It is actually easier to remove the skins after the fruit is frozen. Just rub it off under running water before you thaw them or add them to soups or stews.

    To peel them first, dip them into boiling water for 1 minute to burst the skin. Use a slotted spoon to remove the tomatoes from the hot water and set them aside to cool. When they are cool enough to handle, peel the skin away with your clean fingers.

    Remove the stem scar with a paring knife. If you want to dice the fruit, now is the time to do it.

    Spread the fruit evenly over a greased cookie sheet and pop it into the freezer until it is frozen solid. Then transfer it from the cookie sheet to a plastic bag or container. This way each tomato will be separate. You can remove as many or as few as you need.

    Treat diced tomatoes the same way. Later, you'll be able to break off as much as you want to use.

    This is a good way to save the fruit until you have enough to make a pot of sauce. Although home garden Roma tomatoes are determinate tomatoes which are said to ripen all at once, in actuality they don't ripen on the same day just within the same time frame.

    Roma Tomato Growing Tips: It takes about 6 plants to yield enough fruit for cooking or canning Roma tomatoes.

    Roma (VF) Tomato Plants

    Roma (VF) Tomato Plants

    Gurney's Choice Premium canner, ideal for sauce and paste.

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