Rosa eglanteria
syn. Rosa mosqueta, Rosa rubiginosa

The Eglantine rose has 3 botanical names: Rosa eglanteria,Rosa mosqueta and Rosa rubiginosa, plus 1 alias: Fragrant Sweet Briar rose. An antique English garden rose.

Rosa Rubiginosa (Eglantine/Sweet Briar)
Rosa Rubiginosa (Eglantine/Sweet Briar)

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This very thorny English garden rose was prized in the days of Chaucer and Shakespeare, who sometimes wrote about it, for its great fragrance.

The clear pink, white-eyed single blooms emit a wonderful fragrance but as the plant only blooms once in early summer, this was not the reason for its popularity.

The Eglantine rose's ace in the hole was her ever fragrant foliage.

The dark green, rough leaves smell of sweet apples. Especially when they are damp with dew or rain drops. This unusual feature has kept this heritage rose in cultivation until the present day.

There are 3 hybrids of Rosa mosqueta which are more popular with rose gardeners today: Lady Penzance, Lord Penzance, and Meg Merrilies.

This is a wild, rambling shrub rose which will grow vigorously to a height of 8-15 feet and spread to 8 feet wide. Unlike most roses, it is tolerant of alkaline soil.

The bright red hips which give the plant winter interest are used to make commercial rose hip oil. Actually rose hip seed oil as the oil is contained in the seeds. Women use the oil to erase wrinkles and age spots.

The hips themselves are being investigated for use in the food industry and have been found to contain 6 major carotenoids including beta carotene and lycopene.

Rosa eglanteria is recommended for USDA zones 5-9.

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<i>Rosa eglanteria</i> hips.

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