Basic Rose Gardening Tools

There are only a few rose gardening tools you really need to raise show-quality blooms. I'll tell you about the tools of rose growing you must have and a few helpful gadgets that make caring for roses easier.

Successful gardening and roses maintenance requires a surprisingly small number of gadgets. First, I'll list the common gardening tools you may already have:

  • You'll need a shovel to dig planting holes and for transplanting rose bushes.
  • A small hand held clipper for cutting blooms for arrangements and for pruning off thin canes.
  • The long-handled shovel is best for tall gardeners and I've chosen the Gerber folding shovel as a good one to keep in your trunk for any rose rustling you might do.

    Gardening Tools: FELCO- Pruning Shears for Small Hands No. 6 - $54.95


    Gardening Tools: FELCO- Anvil Pruner F 30


    Rose Gardening Tools: FELCO- Pruner No 12

    Rose Gardening Tools: FELCO- Lefthanded Pruner F 9

    Felco pruners are the best you can own and the Felco No. 12 is the best pruner for prolonged pruning. If you have had problems with tendinitis or arthritis, these are the ones you want.

    And if you are left handed like my husband, get the lefthanded Felco No. 9.

    Must Have Roses Gardening Tools

    These are the tools of rose gardening which will make working with these thorny bushes easy by preventing pricks and scrapes.

  • A long handled rose pruner is a must. It will allow you to reach into and behind large prickly shrubs without risking bloodshed. These are handy for pruning bouganivillea vines and seedling citrus trees too.
  • At least 1 good pair of leather rose gardening gloves
  • A hedge shear.
  • I would not be without my Hedge Hog but if you have just 1 or 2 shrub roses, you could get by with a less expensive hand shear. The ARS shear is very light and easy on your arms.

    Rose gardening gloves need to be long to protect your arms and I find that leather gloves provide the best protection from punctures.

    Helpful Rose Gardening Tools

    You don't have to have these but I find that they help me get the work done faster.

    I have owned this Black & Decker cordless hedge trimmer for 3 years now and I love it.

    I use this rose gardening tool to quickly cut back shrub roses, viburnum and other thin-stemmed bushes. I also use it to shear my ornamental grasses each spring.

    The only other tool you might need when gardening with roses is a hand saw. Use this when you need to do remedial pruning on an old rambler whose canes are too heavy for the bypass or anvil pruners.

    Gardening Tools: FELCO- Pruning Saw No. 600


    Gardening Tools: Fiskars Folding Pruning Saw 10"


    Felco is the best brand but the Fiskars folding pruning saw is good too.

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