Rose Hip Tea Benefits

Rose hip tea benefits. How drinking rose hips tea can improve your health. You can buy organic rose hips or gather wild hips to make rose hips loose tea at home. Rose hips and hibiscus tea.

Rose-Patterned Tea Things
Rose-Patterned Tea Things

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Rose hips are a natural anti-inflammatory and vitamin supplement. According to National Geographic's Desk Reference to Nature's Medicine, they contain vitamins C, A, B, E, and K plus bioflavinoids, tannins, and pectin.

Pectin is a fruit fiber that has shown promise in clinical trials for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. In another study, rose hips successfully relived the pain of osteoarthritis in a significant number of participants.

Rose hip tea also has mild laxative and diuretic properties. According to The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants, it is a gentle diarrhea remedy and can be counted on to sooth gastric inflammation.

To Make Tea From Dried Rose Hips:

Rose Hip Tea Bag, Spoon Beside It
Rose Hip Tea Bag, Spoon Beside It

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If you are using whole dried rose hips, simmer them gently in water for 5 minutes. Try not to boil them. Boiling the hips (or any herb for that matter) will cause you to loose some of the beneficial compounds in the dried hips.

If you are using chopped dried rose hips, you can place a teaspoon of hips into a tea cup or mug and pour 8 ounces of boiling water over them. Then steep the hips in the hot water for 5 or 6 minutes.

The water needs to be boiling to begin with because it will cool rapidly once it is removed from the heat.

If the tea doesn't taste tart, you either didn't use enough hips or you didn't steep them for long enough.

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Organic Rose Hips for Tea

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