Sago Palm Scale

by S. Podhaski
(North Port Florida)

year 2000 when I planted it.

year 2000 when I planted it.

year 2000 when I planted it. Sago palm 2011 Sago Palm 2011

I have had my Sago Palm for 11 years and it gets Asian mites on it every year . I just take a garden hose with a nozzle adjusted to high pressure and wash them all off.

You have to hold each frond while you do this, to stop it from going back and forth with the water pressure. Do it once and the next day see if you missed any. If so,just repeat the wash job.

I wear a bathing suit when I do mine because you will get wet a little bit.

It works fine. As you can see from the pictures, my Sago Palm is very happy by me not using pesticides.


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Thanks so much for the tip, Steve. Who would have thought that something so simple and nontoxic would work against Sago palm scale.

Your Sago palm tree is obviously very healthy. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics with us.

Sago Palm Disease

Sago Palm Care

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