What are Scuppernongs ?

Muscadine Grapes

Scuppernongs are muscadine grapes. Muscadines are larger and rounder than most other table grapes. They also have a thicker skin. You will normally see them in the markets in the fall.

Purple Muscadine grapes in a colander.

There are bronze and purple varieties. The purple muscadine grape is sweeter than the bronze type.

How to Eat Muscadines

Pop the whole thing in your mouth. Bite the skin to split it open. Suck all the sweet pulp from around the seeds. Spit out the skin and seeds.

It sounds a lot harder than it is to do and it's well worth the effort. Once you taste a scuppernong grape, you'll know what I mean.

Muscadine Vines

Scuppernong vines are vigourous growers. Left to their own devices, they will reach 60 foot heights. The muscadine's bark is different from the bark of other grape vines in that it is tight and does not shed.

The glossy 5 inch leaves are rounded and slightly toothed at the edges.

Muscadines bear small greenish flowers in panicles. Male and female flowers generally occur on different plants but there are also some sef-fruitfull varieties.

The fruit is borne in small clusters of up to 40 grapes. If you've ever seen the fruit of the jaboticaba tree, that is what a muscadine grape looks like.

Fresh muscadine grapes are delicious. But you can also make muscadine jam, juice, wine, syrup, or muscadine grape jelly.

Growing Muscadines
Growing muscadines scuppernong grape vines. How to grow muscadine grapes. Muscadine varieties. Care of scuppernong grapes. How to prune scuppernongs.

Pruning Grape Vines
First of all, the purpose of pruning grape vines--or any other fruit vine for that matter--is to promote healthy growth. In this case, large, tasty grapes.

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How to grow grapes instructs the home grower in variety and site selection for planting grape vines. Training grapes on a grape vine trellis or arbor.

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