Seedless Tomatoes

Listing of seedless tomatoes. F1 Hybrid Sweet Seedless tomato seeds. Seeds for Orange Roma, Amish Paste, German Johnson tomatoes and other heirloom varieties with few seeds.

Tomato, Sweetie

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Why Plant A Seedless Tomato?

Because those tiny seeds are a nuisance to some people.

People with certain digestive problems---diverticulosis and diverticulitis, for instance--can experience a flare up after ingesting tomato seeds.

Gardeners who raise bumper crops and plan to preserve the tomatoes by canning them, will usually not want seeds in their tomato juice or sauce. Planting tomatoes which do not produce seeds or which produce very few seeds saves these gardeners the work of seeding pounds of fruit.

Sweet Seedless a.k.a Sweetie, the fruit depicted above, is the closest thing to a seed-free tomato available. The 7 ounce fruits will occasionally make a seed or perhaps even 2. Typically, they will have none.

The rest of the tomatoes listed here are nearly seedless. Compared to other tomato varieties, they produce very few seeds. They produce many more seeds than Sweet Seedless.

Where they outshine Sweet Seedless is on taste. These are old standard tomatoes which have been saved by passionate gardeners for generations because of their superior vigor, disease resistance and flavor.

Nearly Seedless Tomatoes

Tomato, Roma

Cheapest Roma Tomato Seeds

The Roma tomato is the most popular paste tomato in the U.S. And the early season Orange Roma is also a good producer.

"Tomato, Orange Roma 1 Pkt."

65-70 days from transplant to harvest.

"Tomato, Amish Paste 1 Pkt.(25 Seeds)"

The 8-12 ounce fruits of the Amish Paste Tomato make it 1 of the largest paste tomatoes (you can't tell this from the picture) you can grow. According to many tomato gardeners, it is also the best tasting paste tomato.

75-85 days from transplanting to harvest.

"Tomato, German Johnson 1 Pkt.(30 Seeds)"

The old heirloom beefsteak German Johnson tomato weighs in at up to 1.5 lbs. each. Good for canning or fresh eating.

You'll be picking them 75-80 days after setting the plants out.

"Tomato, German Pink 1 Pkt.(25 Seeds)"

German Pink produces giant tomatoes (1-2 lbs.) on a vigorous potato-leaved vine. The voluptuous fruit arrives about 85 days from transplanting.

"Tomato, Orange Wellington 1 Pkt. (30 seeds)"

"Tomato, Orange Wellington 3 Plants"

This is not a heritage tomato but a nearly seedless F1 hybrid. Plants as well as seed are available.

Orange Wellington tomato plants are good producers of 12 ounce plus (many will weigh more than a pound) perfectly round orange tomatoes.

Mid season variety. 70-80 days to harvest.

Large Tomato Supports

Cage, Veggie Tomato

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Some of the heirloom tomatoes on this page grow into very large plants. Some will be 10 feet tall by the end of the growing season. They need a tall, sturdy support on which to grow.

It is difficult to find tomato cages more than 5 feet tall.

At 7 feet, this is 1 of the tallest (and cheapest) tomato supports that I have seen.

You do have to pound a stake into the ground to affix it to but after you've done this, the spiraling cage saves you the labor of tying the tomato vine to the stake as it grows.

You basically set it and forget it.

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