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Serrano pepper buying and usage guide. Planting and growing serrano chili pepper plants. When to pick and how to dry serrano peppers. Which chillis can substitute for serranos in recipes.

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Serrano pepper plant in a pot.

Serrano chili peppers come to us from the mountainous regions of northern Mexico. The peppers are up to 4 inches long at maturity. They are green while immature. Mature serrano peppers can be brown, red, or orange.

At 10,000-20,000 SHUs they are several times hotter than a jalapeno.

They are pickled, used in salsas and to make serrano pepper sauce.

Buying and Storing Serrano Chili Peppers

Serrano Substitute:

If you cannot find serranos at your local market, hot banana peppers make a good substitution for them.

Some cooks might even substitute cayenne peppers for serranos.

Choose fruit which is firm with smooth skin. Avoid wrinkled or soft peppers and check them for bad spots.

When you get the fruit home, wash it and spread it out on a clean kitchen towel to air dry before you store it. Once it's dry, place it in a produce storage bag into which you've placed a folded white paper towel. The paper towel will absorb any excess moisture.

Place the bagged serrano chile peppers into the crisper. They will keep for about 2 weeks.

Handling Serrano Pepper Fruit

Serrano peppers are hot enough to really sting if the oil gets into your eyes or comes into contact with any sensitive skin. It would be wise to don gloves before chopping them.

Water just spreads the capsaicin oil around and it doesn't always come off even if you use hot water and soap.

A friend's husband chopped some hot peppers with his bare hands a few summers ago. He washed his hands with hot, soapy water and thought no more about it. Until he used the restroom, a few minutes later.

He learned a lesson he will not soon forget.

Growing Serrano Pepper Plants

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The word serrano means from the mountains, and this is where they grow best. As mature serranno pepper plants will be 2-3 feet tall, space them 18 inches apart. Grow them in a site with all day sun.

Planting serrano pepper plants in a site with less sun than this isn't a good idea as peppers need sun to ripen. They are not fast growing plants in any case. Shade will only slow them to a crawl.

Water the plants until they settle in and then whenever the weather turns dry. Water in some fish emulsion once a month.

Serrano Tampiqueno Chile Pepper

Pepper, Hot, Serrano Tampiqueno 1 Pkt.

A 46 inch tall variety from Guanajuato, Mexico.

The 2 1/4 by 1/2 inch wide peppers are reputed to be uniquely flavorful and the most popular serrannos in Mexico.

Fruits in 85 days from seed.

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When to Pick Serranos

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The ripe or colored peppers will be hotter than the green ones. They are all equally edible. You decide solely by how hot you want them to be.

Or maybe, like me, you don't pay any attention to your hot pepper plants at all until you need a few peppers in the kitchen. Then you dash out and pick whatever the plants have to offer.

Dehydrating Serrano Chilis

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These are hot enough to make you cough if you dehydrate them indoors. If you have an electrical outlet outside, put the dehydrator out on the porch.

Wash the peppers and remove the stems. Halve them an use a spoon to scrape out the seeds and veins.

Spread the halved peppers out on the dehydrater's trays. Go out and turn the trays every so often. When they are crisp, let them cool.

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