Southern Lady Fern

Athyrium felix-femina asplenioides

About the southern lady fern, Athyrium felix-femina asplenioides syn. Athyrium asplenioides. Also the Victoriae lady fern and the crested lady fern. Lady fern facts.

Southern lady fern.

The native range of Athyrium felix-femina asplenioides is the eastern United States from New York to Florida and west to Texas.

It grows well in USDA zones 3a-8b.

The deciduous fronds grow to a length of 3 feet by nearly a foot wide. The hairless, green fronds grow from the rhizomes in loose groups.

The fibrous root system produces offsets which can be separated from the main clump and used to propagate the plant.

How to Grow a Southern Lady

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Plant it in dappled sun to full shade. Provide it with rich, moisture retentive soil and protect it from strong winds and it will thrive.

Victoriae Lady FernThis is Athyrium felix-femina 'Victoriae'. The 24 inch tall Victoria lady fern is hardy in zones 4a-8b. It is deciduous and requires constant moisture. Propagate it by division.

Crested Lady FernAthyrium felix-femina 'Vernoniae Cristatum' is a small fern whose 2 foot long fronds are ruffled and fringed at the edges. Give it moderate moisture and keep it at least partly shaded. When you want more of these little beauties--and you will--divide mature plants in the spring.

The lone negative about the crested lady fern is its tendency toward rust.

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The Lady fern or Red Stem fern has a feathery textured frond with a red stem. It is a slow spreading fern, which will make a nice mass in a few years.

The Southern Lady Fern is also known as the Tatting Fern. Lady Ferns have leaves that turn bronze in the fall and then dark brown over the winter.

This plant is used for container plantings, borders, foundation planting, massing and groundcover.

The Southern Lady is perennial and deciduous. This very versatile plant goes well with evergreen shrubs and Hostas.

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