Spike of Phalaenopsis Orchid

by Elisa

My orchid formed a spike in January and on this spike stem there are 2 roots. Now it's growing another spike. What is the problem on it?

Plant Guides Answer

Without seeing a picture of your moth orchid, it's hard to say for sure what is going on with it. But from your description, it sounds to me like your orchid has formed a kiki.

A kiki is a baby orchid that sometimes forms on the bloom spikes of a mature orchid plant.

Sometimes orchids will make kikis when they are under stress but the appearance of a kiki does not necessarily mean there is a problem.

If the leaves of your Phalaenopsis are dark green and not shriveled, if the roots are not rotting and the plant is still sending up bloom spikes, it is probably healthy.

Leave the kiki in place until it is at least one third of the size of the mother plant. Then you can gently pull it off and pot it separately.

Enjoy your new, free orchid.

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