Why You Should Be Growing Sweet Banana Peppers

Capsicum annuum

What are Sweet banana peppers, and how can you tell them from hot banana peppers? Tips for growing banana peppers from seed.  When to pick and how to store the fresh fruit. Plants and seed for sale.

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What are Banana Peppers?

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Banana peppers are pale yellow at the time of harvest with a waxy, translucent skin. They are 5-8 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide at maturity. They curve in the middle and taper to a blunt point like the fruit for which they are named. The peppers begin green, pass through a yellow stage and then turn red when fully ripe.

The banana pepper is a close relative of the Hungarian wax pepper. The two fruits look just alike, but you can easily tell which one you have by tasting it.

Hungarian yellow wax peppers are as hot as a jalapeno. Banana peppers are mild. If you buy them at the market, you might want to taste them before adding them to a recipe to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Growing Banana Peppers

From Transplants

Plant banana pepper plants into rich, moist soil that drains well. Space them 18 inches apart.

They need all-day sun to ripen. Feed the plants every two weeks with a high phosphorus (the middle number) fertilizer. Protect the plants from strong, drying winds.

The banana pepper plant will reach a height of 2-3 feet tall. They are very productive and most gardeners find them easier to grow than bell peppers.

How to Grow Banana Peppers from Seed

Sow the seeds in individual pots of good quality potting soil at least 6 weeks before you plan to set them out. Barely cover them with soil. Moisten the soil gently so as not to disturb the seeds.

Bottom heat will speed germination considerably.

As soon as the seedlings emerge, move them into bright light.

When to Pick Banana Peppers

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What to Do With Banana Peppers

Yellow banana peppers are often substituted for bell peppers in cooked dishes and used fresh in salads. Garden fresh banana peppers add crunch when added raw to cold dishes.

Another use for sweet banana peppers is to preserve them by pickling or canning.

They have a crisp, juicy, mild flavor at the yellow stage but a ripe banana pepper will be much sweeter than a yellow one.

When are banana peppers ripe?

When they turn bright red.

When you pick it depends entirely on which taste you prefer.

When harvesting banana peppers, cut the fruit from the plant leaving half an inch of stem attached. If you try to pull or twist them off, you may damage the plant.

How to Store Fresh Banana Peppers

Place the peppers in a paper bag. Fold it closed and set it inside your refrigerator. Sweet banana peppers stored in this fashion will keep for about a week.

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