Sweet Potato Plants

The Most Popular & Productive Types

Buy sweet potato plants. Order sweet potato slips for planting in the home garden. Plump and popular Beauregard, disease resistant Centennial, nematode resistant Evangeline sweet potatoes and other easy-to-grow and delicious-to-eat varieties.

"Sweet Potato, Murasaki, 25 Bareroots"

This nematode resistant sweet potato is a purple-skinned, white-fleshed dry boniato type. Less sweet than the other varieties listed here with a nutty flavor. If you like white potatoes and dry sweet potatoes, you will love Murasaki potatoes.

"Sweet Potato, Vardaman 1 Pack (12 bareroots)"

Compact bush type. Great for smaller gardens. Taste test winner.

Georgia Jet Sweet Potato

Purple-red skin with light orange flesh. Great baking potato. Matures in 90 days.

Georgia Jet Sweet Potato

Georgia Jet Sweet Potato Slips

Gurney's Choice Famed for enormous harvests and quality crops all across the country!

O'Henry Sweet PotatoMatures in 90-100 days. White skin and cream flesh. A variant of Beauregard. White grub and rot resistant but susceptible to root knot nematodes.

O' Henry Sweet Potato

O' Henry Sweet Potato

Flavor Like No Other

Beauregard Sweet Potato

Orange flesh. Produces fat and heavy tubers. Beauregard sweet potato vines are pox and nematode resistant.

Beauregard Sweet Potato

Beauregard Sweet Potato

Matures fast! Large reddish tubers have moist, deep orange flesh.

"Sweet Potato, Centennial 1 Pack (12 bareroots)"

Long tubers produced by semi-bush vines adapted to heavy soils. Good yield. You'll be harvesting baby bakers in 90 days from Fusarium wilt tolerant vines.

Save money by purchasing a Sweet Potato Collection of 24 Plants. You'll get 12 plants each of Centennial and Georgia Jet.

"Sweet Potato, Evangeline PP19710 12 Bareroots"

This is a classic orange tuber with twice the sweetness of Beauregard and resistance to root knot nematodes.

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