Discount Tea Rose Perfume

Tea Rose by Perfumer's Workshop Ltd.

Buy Perfumer's Workshop for women Tea Rose perfume at a discount. Tea Rose is my favorite every day rose fragrance. It is the most authentically rose scented perfume I have ever smelled.

Tea Rose Perfume by Perfumers Workshop, 4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

Tea Rose is inexpensive enough to be used as a room freshener.

What I mean by this is that The Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose lives up to its billing. It smells just like what it is advertising itself to be--Tea rose petal fragrance.

If you spritz it on very lightly you will be pleasantly enveloped in soft, sweet tea rose fragrance for several hours.

I am such a fan of rose fragrances that I will sometimes spray a mist of it above my bed and let it settle onto my sheets to sweeten my dreams.

 I like this perfume for its pure, simple, unpretentious and unadulterated tea rose fragrance.

Other Tea Rose Fragrances by Perfumer's Workshop

Tea Rose Amber Perfume by Perfumers Workshop, 2 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

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Tea Rose Mesk Perfume by Perfumers Workshop, 2 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

Tea Rose Amber Perfume is the classic Tea Rose fragrance with a bit of added spice and heat--just a hint of sex appeal.

Tea Rose Mesk Perfume is a cultured blend of roses and musk. I don't normally enjoy musk oil but the light touch of it here takes this fragrance from sweet to sexy.

Save this for classy, sensual occasions.

Tea Rose Jasmine is the fragrance of a rose garden infused with jasmine and lily of the valley.

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Sometimes I prefer the body lotion version of a fragrance because it is easier to control the amount of scent being applied.

Rock'n Rose is a light, feminine, every day floral.  Order the sample vial of this scent and give it a whirl.

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