Tobacco Mosaic Virus - TMV

What does tobacco mosaic virus look like? Symptoms of mosaic tobacco virus. What to do if your plant has TMV.

Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Tmv, the Cause of Leaf Mosaic Disease in Tobacco Plants
Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Tmv, the Cause of Leaf Mosaic Disease in Tobacco Plants

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TMV is a disease that affects tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and pepper plants.

Petunias, marigolds, snapdragons and impatiens are also susceptible.

TMV Symptoms

A green or yellow mottled pattern will develop on the leaves. It looks much like a mosaic tile pattern. On tomato plants it can also affect the fruit and give the skin a warty appearance. New foliage will be more affected than older leaves.

Blisters or dead spots may develop in severely infected leaves.

TMV Prevention

This tomato disease is spread by contact with tobacco plants or products. To prevent it, avoid smoking around tomato plants and remember to wash your hands before handling the plants after smoking. Do not plant tobacco plants near tomatoes or other vulnerable crops.

Another way to prevent this disease in tomatoes is to plant resistant tomato varieties. Look for the letters TMV on the packet of tomato seeds.

TMV Treatment

Infected plants will usually survive but they may become stunted. They will not produce a normal crop of fruit. Any fruit that is produced may be small or distorted.

Remove infected plants in order to get the virus out of your garden. Mosaic tobacco virus is extraordinarily persistent (it has been known to survive for decades on dried leaves) so do not compost the plants you remove. Bag and discard them.

After disposing of infected plant matter, wash your hands and any tools you used before handling other plants.

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