Transplanting Roses

Transplanting roses is all about transplanting rose bushes. Transplanting climbing roses. How to transplant roses to minimize rose transplant shock. When to transplant rose bushes.

Beautiful Pink Rose Bush and Blooming Purple Flowers

Beautiful Pink Rose Bush and Blooming Purple Flowers
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It is sometimes necessary to move an established rose from one location to another.

Water the rose the day before you intend to move it. Prepare the new planting hole the day before as well. Follow the instructions given in Planting Potted Roses.

This will assist you in getting the rose's roots back into the soil as quickly as possible. This is the key to minimizing rose transplant shock.

Transplanting Rose Bushes

Using a sharp spade, cut straight down into the soil all around the base of the rose bush about 16 inches from the center of the plant.

Get someone to help you gently lift the root ball onto a tarp. If the new location is close by, you may be able to drag the tarp over to it. If not, lift the tarp onto a wheelbarrow and wheel it over to the new planting hole.

Set the rose bush into the hole with the tarp still under it. This way if the depth of the hole needs to be altered you can easily lift the rose back out and make adjustments.

You want to plant the rose so that it is at the same depth it was at in its old location.

Fill the hole with soil and tamp it down with your foot to firm it. Make a basin of soil around the plant's drip line and fill this with water.

Transplanting Climbing Roses

If you have to prune a climbing rose severely in order to move it, you may lose many of next year's flowers. If it is a climber that blooms on old wood, you will have to wait several years for the rose to grow and age enough to put on a big flower show.

In light of this, it may be worthwhile to preserve as many of those long canes as possible.

Untie the plant from its trellis, fence or whatever rose support is currently trained on. Tie as many of the canes as you think you can manage tightly together with thick rope. Prune the rest down to a manageable length.

Proceed as for transplanting rose bushes.

When to Transplant Rose Bushes

The best time to transplant roses is after they go dormant in the fall but before the ground freezes.

If you live in a mild climate where roses do not go fully dormant, wait until late fall or early winter when plant loses many of its leaves.

Remember to water the rose occasionally over the winter in those areas where winter is the dry season, especially if the rose does not enter dormancy.

Rose Elegance Bouquet

Rose Elegance Bouquet

Delight the senses with this bountiful bouquet of mixed roses in glamorous sunset colors of pink and coral. A clear glass vase holds a mix of brightly colored 50 cm roses and spray roses, accented by tree fern and bupleurum. With its stunning beauty and classic elegance, this graceful bouquet is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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