Vitamin C with Rose Hips

Why vitamin C with rose hips is superior to plain ascorbic acid. Why you should be taking vitamin c rose hip supplements daily. Rose hips vitamin profile. Rose hips powder vitamin c for horses.

Ramanus Rose Hips are a Source of Vitamin C
Ramanus Rose Hips are a Source of Vitamin C

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Taking vitamin C plus rose hips is better than taking plain ascorbic acid (vitamin C) tablets for the following reason:

Rose hips are a whole, natural food.

Ascorbic acid is a substance that we extract from whole, natural foods.

A whole food is almost always going to provide your body with better nutrition than an extract. Whole foods don't just contain the important substances we extract from them but lots of other vitamins, minerals, flavinoids, fibers, etc. as well. I believe that all of these elements act in concert with one another inside the human body to maintain or rebuild our health.

You may have read that rose hips contain high amounts of vitamin C.

In fact, rose hips contain more vitamin C, by weight, than do oranges. But they also contain vitamins B, A, E, and K. Plus 6 or 7 carotenoids and a whole host of bioflavinoids and a few other substances I can't remember or pronounce.

I believe that all of these other things make vitamin C "work" better. I can't cite a study to prove this though so many clinical trials have been conducted with this vitamin that there may well be one that does.

I just believe this based on my own personal experience.

When I take a high potency vitamin C 500 with rose hips, I have fewer problems with bruising, broken capillaries, and allergy symptoms than I do when I take plain ascorbic acid.

Why We Need Vitamin C So Badly

Discoverer of Vitamin C Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Working with His Microscope
Discoverer of Vitamin C Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Working with His Microscope

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Vitamin C is a powerful detoxifyer. It helps our bodies throw off the effects of all the harmful chemicals we inhale and ingest each day.

It also supports the formation of collagen and cartilage. It keeps our skin firm and unwrinkled and our joints working smoothly and without pain. Vitamin C keeps capillary and blood vessel walls strong.

We have known that the human body cannot produce vitamin C on its own since it was discovered that eating limes (a whole, natural food) would prevent scurvy in sailors on long voyages.

We have to ingest it.

During World War II, the British people were advised by their doctors and dietitians to gather wild rose hips and make rose hip syrup to keep them well through the winter as the commercial ships carrying citrus fruits were not getting through.

There were no vitamin pills in those days. People had to use whole, natural foods to maintain their health.

Now, we are more sophisticated. We extract substances out of foods, put them into capsules and call it progress.

Not everyone agrees.

Dr. Matthias Rath posits in The Cellular Medicine Breakthrough in Cancer Research that what many sick people in developed nations are suffering from is actually sub-clinical scurvy brought on by a vitamin C deficiency.

Dr. Rath also believes that vitamin C has cancer preventing properties and that by strengthening the blood vessel walls, it is a valuable weapon in the fight against heart disease.

His advice is to take at least a gram of vitamin C daily. Taking that vitamin C with rose hips can only be more to the good.

I don't know about you, but I find it kind of suspicious that with all the supplements we take, we still suffer from heart disease and cancer at such appalling rates.

Maybe we ought to reconsider our use of whole, natural foods.

Other Vitamin C Rose Hips Benefits

  1. Rose hips are anti-inflammatory. Ascorbic acid is a mild pain reliever. The 2 combined, assist one another in soothing your aches.

  2. Rose hips have demonstrated effectiveness against the pain of osteoarthritis in clinical trials.

    *If you decide to try vitamin C with rose hips against osteoarthritis take 1 gram every 6-12 hours depending on how severe your pain is.

    The rose hips will be most effective if you are not also using synthetic pain relievers. You can combine the vitamin C and rose hips with dried ginger capsules (another natural anti-inflammatory) if you need greater pain relief.

    The effect is cumulative. Expect your pain to subside over a 3-4 week time frame.

  3. Rose hips powder vitamin C can be added to horse feed (1 teaspoon per day/per animal). It will make the horse's coat shiny and promote hoof growth.

Vitamin C with Rose Hips
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Vitamin C-500 with Rose Hips 100 Caps

Vitamin C-500 with Rose Hips 100 Caps

Vitamin C with Rose Hips provides antioxidant protection and strengthens collagen, and maintains white blood cell function.

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