When to Plant Roses

When to plant roses discusses the best time to plant roses out into the garden. When to plant rose bushes and when to plant climbing roses. Best time for planting bare root roses in every zone.

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With roses when to plant depends largely on what type of rose you are planting and where you live.

Planting Potted Roses

A rose plant that is growing in a pot may be planted out at any time of year provided that the soil is not frozen or waterlogged.

This is easy to test.

Scoop up a handful of soil and squeeze it. It should form a ball. Now, drop it onto a paved surface. If it fails to shatter, it is too wet. Test it again after a week of dry weather.

Planting Bare Root Roses

Plant bare root roses while they are dormant.

In USDA zones 3-5 plant them in early spring. In zones 6 and 7, late fall or early spring are the best times. In zones 8-10 bare root roses should be planted between December and February.

Bare root roses should also be planted as close to the time of their arrival at your door as is practical.

Climbing Rose Plant

Climbing roses should be planted according to whether they are potted or bare root.

The Very Best Time to Plant Roses

The optimal time to plant a rose garden also depends on the weather.

In most climates, fall is preferable to spring. Plant the roses when the soil is still warm enough to allow for some root growth to take place before winter sets in.

If your soil is very heavy or you live in a very cold zone, plant roses in the spring.

Baby Girl's First Block

Baby Girl's First Block

Welcome the world's cutest new baby girl with this adorable pink bouquet that arrives in a unique baby-themed vase. Sweet flowers such as spray roses, pitta negra, and waxflower are arranged in a pink keepsake vase that can later be used for display or storage in the nursery.

Honey Perfume Rose
The apricot-yellow rose flowers of the Honey Perfume rose bush are spicily fragrant. Floribunda rose Honey Perfume is an AARS winner so you know it will perform well in your garden.

Peace Rose Bushes
The most popular Peace rose bushes. The original rose bush called Peace, Pink Peace, Chicago Peace, Prairie Peace, Love and Peace and Desert Peace Hybrid Tea roses. Also, climbing Peace.

Where to Plant Roses for Best Results
Where to plant roses for best bloom, most robust growth and greatest disease resistance. Where to plant tea rose plants. For best garden performance plant roses where roses have not grown before.

Planting Roses in Pots
Miniature roses are better suited to indoor culture than other rose plant varieties. The beauty of a mini rose plant is best appreciated when it is placed where the blooms can be seen up close.

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Planting roses in your yard is a planting guide for roses of all types. Easy tips for planting rose bushes, planting climbing roses, planting hybrid tea roses and planting miniature roses.

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