White Rose Meaning

The Christian Meaning of White Roses

White rose meaning explains the Christian meaning of white roses. Universal white roses meaning. The meaning of white roses at a wedding. Meaning of the white rose arrangements at a funeral.

Wedding Bouquet of White Rosa & Ornithagalum
Wedding Bouquet of White Rosa & Ornithagalum

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Burgess, Linda
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The use of roses in ceremonies was not immediately embraced by the early Roman church. Red roses were used extensively, at the time, in secular Roman society and the church resisted the ceremonial use of roses because of the red rose's association with seduction.

But, in the fullness of time, the allure of the rose overcame their resistance. You might say it seduced them.

And white roses eventually came to be associated, by Roman Catholics, with the Virgin Mary.

From those days until now, white rose meaning has been primarily colored (forgive the pun) by biblical references to the color white.

The blood of Christ washes those who believe white as snow. The saints in heaven are clothed in white robes...etc.

White is the color of cleanliness and not only natural cleanliness but that cleanliness which is next to godliness which is called purity. It is the color which most symbolizes reverence for and obedience to God.

The meaning of the white rose encompasses all this symbolism.

Divinity and spiritual enlightenment are also found in the meaning of a white rose.

Meaning of White Roses

Congratulations, Bride in Gown
Congratulations, Bride in Gown

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The meaning of white roses at a Christian wedding is to signify that the union is acceptable to God and that the ceremony is being performed out of respect for Him.

Just as a white bridal gown is the traditional symbol of the purity of the bride (who herself is a Christian symbol of the church), white roses symbolize the sanctity of marriage in the sight of God.

Like Christianity itself, these wedding traditions have spread throughout the world. Today, people of many world religions incorporate white roses into their weddings.

White Roses Meaning

Serenity Wreath

Send This Serenity Wreath

The meaning of the white rose funeral arrangement is to signify that the departed died in faith and will therefore be welcomed into God's kingdom and glory.

White roses honor the death of a Christian and encourage the mourners not to dwell on the fellowship that they have lost, but to focus their minds on the heavenly things that their departed loved one has gained.

White Rose Buds

White Roses in a Bowl
White Roses in a Bowl

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Purity is the most significant white rose meaning. Rose buds always denote youth and its innocence.

You could give white rose buds to your young daughter. They are a perfect symbol of parental love.

When a man gives a fully open white rose to a woman he is unrelated to it says, "I love you like a sister." Or course, he could also give a white rose to his sister as an expression of familial love.

A gift of white roses is a meaningful way for anyone, male or female, to show honor to a mother who made great sacrifices for them.

Dreams from the Heart Bouquet

Dreams from the Heart Bouquet

A lovely bouquet to send strength or to comfort. This softly colored arrangement is a graceful gift for any occasion. White and peach blossoms such as hydrangea, spray roses, stock and eucalyptus fill a tall glass vase. Fragrant and touchingly elegant, this bouquet will make a lasting impression.

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