Wild Blue Yonder Rose
Grandiflora Rose

The Wild Blue Yonder rose is a very fragrant Grandiflora rose bearing fat pointed buds which open into 4 inch lavender-pink roses. Wild Blue Yonder emits a citrus blossom and rose fragrance.

Wild Blue Yonder rose blooms showing different colors.

Roses Wild Blue Yonder

The double, ruffled blooms are not a single shade but a mauve blend. They range from reddish to grape juice purple, darkening as they age or as the weather cools. Stir in a touch of white and you have a truly unique rose color.

The blooming begins in spring and repeats until fall on 4-6 foot shrubs which are covered in (usually) healthy foliage.

Wild Blue Yonder was a 2006 AARS winner, the first lavender roses to win since 1978. It was hybridized by Tom Carruth and introduced by Weeks Roses of California in 2006. Its botanical name is Rosa Wekisosblip.

The flower clusters can be heavy. The canes of young plants may need staking.

Recommended planting zones: 5a-9b

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Lavender Roses
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