Wild Rose Bushes

Wild rose bushes grow in every corner of the northern hemisphere. Learn the colorful history of wild roses. Find a wild rose shrub that will thrive where you live. Buy a beautiful wild rose plant.

Lady Banks rose growing on a wall.

Lady Banks Rose

(the yellow-flowered Lutea variety) trimmed as a large specimen.

Yellow Lady Banks Rose

Yellow Lady Banks Rose

One of the most spectacular climbing roses available.

History of Wild Roses

Wild or species roses originated in central Asia and spread, from there, to every part of the northern hemisphere. For some unknown reason, the Rosa species never crossed the equator. No wild rose bush has ever been discovered in the southern hemisphere.

Wild roses can be found growing and blooming in climates as diverse as frigid Siberia and Alaska to steamy India and North Africa.

Species roses are tough and do not require the pampering that many of their modern descendants need. They can be found thriving on windswept sand dunes, in sun-baked prairies and alongside woodland streams.

The Chinese brought the wild rose under cultivation approximately 5,000 years ago. They selected natural mutations of their native roses and grew them in huge rose gardens.

These wild rose gardens and parks were so popular with the Chinese public that the Emperor had to call a moratorium on rose cultivation as these gardens were taking over land needed for food production!

Around the year 1700, 8 species of roses began sailing from Asia to various parts of Europe. The modern hybrid roses which add beauty and fragrance to our garden beds today are descendants of these wild rose bushes.

When the wild rose arrived in Rome, it was greeted with great affection. The Romans prized the plant for its beauty and began cultivating them in large nurseries in the south of Italy near Salerno.

The Greeks, being more practical, valued wild rose species more for their medicinal uses. Greek monks raised roses outside monasteries in order to harvest their flower petals and wild rose hips for use in medicines. This was also the primary use of wild roses in Paris at that time.

Wild Rose Flower

Rose, Nearly Wild

Nearly Wild Rose Picture

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The flowers of wild roses are nearly always single and large. They look like big apple blossoms. Five petals usually surround gold center stamens. Pink and white are the most common colors.

The blooms most often occur only once per year, in the spring. Though these large, specimen plants only bloom once, they flower so heavily as to be the focal point of the spring garden.

Wild Rose Hip

Dog Rose Hips in Basket (Rosa Canina) Europe

Dog Rose Hips in Basket (Rosa Canina) Europe
, Reinhard
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These wild rose fruits occur in a wide variety of sizes from the golf ball sized hips of the Rugosa rose to the cherry tomato shaped berries of the wild Dog rose.

They form after the flowers fall and are just as beautiful--in a quieter, more subtle way--as the blooms and even more useful. Wild rose oil is produced from the wild rose hip as well as rose hip tea.

Types of Wild Roses

Rugosa Wild Rose Bush Info

Rose, Hedge Rosa Rugosa

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Cherokee Rose

Cherokee rose is the common name of Rosa laevigata. This wild rose is the Georgia state flower. Rosa laevigata thorns, blooms and habitat. Fragrant white climbing wild rose photos.

The Green Rose

The Green rose, Rosa chinensis viridiflora, is an old heirloom China rose. Its green colored roses are the result of a chance mutation. The petals of this green rose flower are actually sepals.

Apothecary Rose

Rosa gallica officinalis is commonly called the Apothecary rose (or the Red Rose of Lancaster, Red Damask rose, or Double French rose) because of its long history of medicinal use. It is a wonderfully fragrant rose and tough to boot.

Rosa eglanteria

The Eglantine rose has 3 botanical names: Rosa eglanteria,Rosa mosqueta and Rosa rubiginosa, plus 1 alias: Fragrant Sweet Briar rose.

A wild English rose with pink and white flowers and fragrant foliage. Wild rose pictures.

Rosa multiflora

Rosa multiflora wild rose bushes have naturalized in various parts of the U.S. The multiflora rose the primary host of rose rosette disease and can cause the virus to spread to other rose plants.

This wild rose bush, though beautiful, is considered to be a pest by many gardeners. Sprays sold to kill wild roses are listed on this page.

Alberta Wild Rose

The Alberta wild rose, Rosa acicularis, is also known as the Arctic rose and the Alberta Prairie rose. The Alberta rose is native to Alaska and Canada where it is the provincial flower of Alberta.

Rose Elegance Bouquet

Rose Elegance Bouquet

Delight the senses with this bountiful bouquet of mixed roses in pink and coral. With its stunning beauty and classic elegance, this graceful bouquet is sure to leave a lasting impression. Measures 14'' x 12''.

The Yellow Rose of Texas
Harrison's Yellow rose is the yellow rose of Texas. Rosa harisonii is classified as a Hybrid Foetida rose. Texas yellow rose plant picture and care instructions.

Floribunda Roses
Growing and pruning Floribunda roses. Varieties of Floribunda rose bushes. Floribunda climbing roses information. Floribunda white rose bush. The difference between Floribunda and Hybrid Tea roses.

Hybrid Tea Roses
Story of the Hybrid Tea rose bush. Types of Hybrid Tea Roses. Pink, fragrant and climbing Hybrid Teas. Planting, growing, pruning and wintering Hybrid Tea plants. Hybrid Tea Care.

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