William Baffin Rose Bush
Canadian Explorer Rose

William Baffin rose bush. Climbing roses William Baffin. This heavy blooming, pink-flowered Canadian Explorer rose will grace gardens as far north as zone 3 with color from mid summer to frost.

Roses William Baffin.  One on each side of a rose arbor.

This seedling of Rosa 'Kordesii' was hybridized by Svedja and introduced in 1974. Since its introduction, Baffin roses have won no less than 8 Shrub rose awards from various rose societies around the U.S.

The hot pink, semi-double flowers are slightly cupped and scentless. They appear in great profusion in late June or July and will continue to repeat until frost if you feed it during the summer.

But be warned, the more you fertilize it, the more it will grow. And William Baffin roses are great growers. Large, vigorous, healthy shrub roses that can get to be 7 feet tall and will sometimes sucker from the root.

William Baffin rose being used to hide a post.

This Baffin rose bush is being used to hide a post. The picture was taken from behind the shrub so that you can see the post which is not visible from the house.

If you do not want a thicket, dig the 2 or 3 suckers that will form each season up. On the plus side, this suckering habit makes it easy to increase your collection of these beautiful flowers.

William Baffin is not truly a Climbing rose but a tall Shrub rose whose very thorny canes can be trained to climb.

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It blooms on new wood so prune it in the spring. It will take any amount of pruning you wish to do but it does not need much. As long as you remove any dead wood each season, it will thrive. The common rose diseases do not usually bother Baffin roses.

One of the hardiest hybrid roses in cultivation today, William Baffin will sometimes come through a zone 4 winter without any die back.

It is recommended for planting in zones 3a-9b.

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