Withering Orchid Plant

I have an orchid which was root-bound so I transferred it to a clay pot with orchid ground.

I water it once a week but now the flowers have dropped off and the plant is withering on top.

Is the pot and transfer the problem? It has been in that pot for a month and that is when things started to go wrong.

Plant Guides Answer:

You didn't say what kind of orchid you have or what type of media it was potted in before you repotted it.

Just so you're aware, you can come back and add more information in the comments section of this page if you want to.

I'm not sure what you mean by withering, but if the leaves are becoming wrinkled, this usually means that the plant became too dry at some point.

Once the plant becomes so dry that a leaf shrivels, that leaf will not smooth back out no matter what you do.

Check the media the day after you water it. Is it moist all the way through or are there dry spots? If you find dry spots, you've discovered your problem.

If you don't find any, the problem may no longer exist. Just water the orchid normally and wait. Hopefully, healthy new leaves will soon sprout.

Repotting Orchids will provide more information.

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