Yellow Passion Fruit Vines

by Bill Seay
(Hollywood, Florida)

I have two yellow passion fruit vines growing in containers.
They were transplanted from a smaller container about five week ago.

They get a lot of sun and water and I feed them with liquid Miracle Gro every two weeks. The vines were growing rapidly daily until about one week ago.

Now all the individual vine runners have stopped growing completely. Not even a millimeter in a week.

Otherwise the plants look very healthy.
Why did they stop growing ?

Bill Seay

Plant Guide's Answer:

Hello Bill,

Your passion fruit vines have been growing at a phenomenal rate!

I have a red passion vine in my yard that would swallow my house if I let it, so I know how robust these plants can be but a week is not very long at all.

Maybe your vines are just taking a much needed break. As long as they seem to be healthy and not stressed in any way, I wouldn't worry about the 1 week lack of growth.

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