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Rose, Julia Child™

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History of the Yellow Rose
Origin of Yellow Roses

In the beginning was the rose. And the rose was red. And there were no yellow roses though rose growers longed for them.

Hybridizers worked diligently to breed a perfect yellow rose but were unsuccessful until the late 1800s.

French rose hybridizer, Joseph Pernet-Ducher was strolling among the roses in the municipal gardens in Lyons one day in 1885 when his eye fell upon a Persian Yellow rose. It did not possess the desired high-centered Tea rose shape but he was captivated by its golden yellow roses.

Thirteen years of crossbreeding later, Pernet-Ducher introduced Soleil d'Or, a yellow and orange blend rose. It would take him 12 additional years to breed the first pure yellow rose the gardening world had ever seen: Rayon d'Or. Most of the modern yellow and orange roses are descendants of these 2 yellow rose varieties.

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Rose, Yellow

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This famous yellow rose is being offered by color only so that it can be deeply discounted. I can't tell you its name but I can tell you that it is a fragrant, long stem yellow rose perfect for cutting.

It is a Hybrid Tea rose bush bearing full double blooms with ruffled yellow rose petals.

Rose Tree, Sunsprite

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The Floribunda Sunsprite will offer up clusters of bright yellow roses all summer long. It is available in 2 forms. The bush is best for planting in the open ground. The tree would be luscious in a pot on your sunny patio or deck.

Move it into a garage or shed to protect it from frosts.

Julia Child Rose
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Another Floribunda, even more delicious than the last. This old fashioned yellow rose bush bears buttery flower clusters which are strongly scented of licorice candy.

Heavy flowering on a compact plant exhibiting good disease resistance.

What more could one want in a yellow rose?

Rose, Knock Out® Sunny

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This may be my favorite of the yellow rose flowers listed on this page.

Sunny will crank out clusters of little yellow roses perfectly foiled by dark, disease resistant leaves all summer long.

Knock Out roses are vigorous and will flower and flourish where other roses would perish. Use Sunny Knock Out yellow shrub roses to create a low maintenance, drought tolerant yellow rose border in your garden.

Sunny's pale yellow roses will take on a more intense hue in cool weather.

Rose, Miniature Yellow

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This is a pretty yellow rose you can grow indoors in a bright spot. Or use them as a colorful centerpiece on an outdoor table.

Miniature Rose Care will instruct you in the care of these diminutive beauties.

Victory Rose

If you have been longing for cold hardy pastel yellow roses, this Hybrid Tea rose is just the plant you want. Long stemmed yellow roses hardy down to 15 degrees below 0.

Rosy Glow Bouquet

Rosy Glow Bouquet

Destined to make anyone's day glow, this sunny bouquet of bright yellow roses is such a beautiful way to celebrate a friendship, birthday, or special occasion. One dozen 50 cm yellow roses sit atop fresh greenery such as solidago and salal. The bouquet's bright coloration and unique presentation make it the perfect gift to send a smile.

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