'Yellow Rose of Texas' Bush
'Harison's Yellow' Rose

Harrison's Yellow rose is the Yellow Rose of Texas. Rosa harisonii is classified as a Hybrid Foetida rose. Texas yellow rose plant picture and care instructions.

the Yellow Rose of Texas

Fun Facts:

The original plant was discovered in the garden of amateur hybridist George F. Harison in Manhattan in 1830.

Suckers of it traveled west with the pioneers.

'Harison's Yellow' is a large shrub rose bearing masses of small, semi-double, dark yellow blooms with golden centers. The intensely fragrant flowers put in their yearly appearance in late spring. Rosa harisonii blooms most heavily in cool, dry weather.

If you leave the bush untrimmed, these glorious blooms will be replaced by unusual oval-shaped, black hips.

The blooms form on old wood so wait until after the petals fall to do any shaping. Give it room to grow. You won't relish the idea of pruning it. The canes are wickedly thorny.

Rosa harisonii's thorny stems.

Anything from full sun to the high shade found under tall trees will suit it.

The plant exhibits an open, bushy growth habit and spreads by suckering.  Dig and move these to increase your collection.

The Texas Yellow rose was hybridized by, you-guessed-it, Harison and introduced in 1830. Records of this old rose's parentage have been lost, but it is thought to be the offspring of Rosa spinosissima x R. foetida

It is prized for its cold tolerance, and received the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit in 1993.

The 5-8 foot rose bush is hardy down to 40 below 0 F. It is recommended for planting in USDA zones 4a-9b.


'Harison's Yellow' rose runs under a few different names including: ' Hogg's Yellow', 'Yellow Rose of Texas', 'Harisonii', the 'Oregon Trail Rose' and 'Pioneer rose'. No matter what you call it, it still smells sweet.

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